Microinjection for Site-Specific Integration

Vector name Integrate sites Cell types References
VALIUM20 attp2, attp40 Somatic and germ line cells Ni et al., 2011, Nature Methods
VALIUM22 attp2, attp40 Mainly for germ line cells Ni et al., 2011, Nature Methods
pNP attp2, attp40 Somatic and germ Qiao et al., 2018, Nature Communications
Wang et al., 2019, bio-protocol
flySAM2.0 attp2, attp40 Mainly for somatic Jia et al., 2018, PNAS
Jia et al., 2019, bio-protocol

These vectors can be used for gene overexpression as well. You can contact us to ask for these vectors.The price of each vector is 500 yuan or 75 dollars. Besides you need to sign a MTA(Materials Transfer Aggrement) offered by us.

Microinjection for P-element Integration


a. If you provide the DNA for injection, you will receive the transgenic flies in about six weeks generally. However the transgenic efficiency depends on the DNA size(<10k). We charge you ¥1500 (about 240 USD) per transgenic line. If your transgenic flies are difficult to obtain because of the huge DNA size or others, we may charge more money.

b. If you choose us to build vectors, we charge ¥2200 (350 USD) per transgenic line.