About THFC Stocks

More than 8000 RNAi lines and flySAM overexpression lines, and about 200 Gal4 lines are available in THFC, see list detail as follows: VALIUM1, VALIUM10, VALIUM20, VALIUM22, pNP and flySAM
Vector name Integrate site Discribe Reference
VALIUM1 attp2,on 3rd chromosome works in soma;VALIUM1 is the "weakest" and very likely require the inclusion of UAS-Dicer2 for maximum effect Ni et al., 2008, Nature Methods
VALIUM10 attp2,on 3rd chromosome works well in soma but usually not as well as VALIUM20 Ni et al., 2009, genetics.
VALIUM20 attp2,on 3rd chromosome,or attp40,on 2nd chromosome works well in both soma and germline Ni et al., 2011, Nature Methods
VALIUM22 attp2,on 3rd chromosome,or attp40,on 2nd chromosome works significantly in female germline; do not work well in soma Ni et al., 2011, Nature Methods
pNP attp2,on 3rd chromosome,or attp40,on 2nd chromosome works well in both soma and germline, can express multiple genes in one vector Ni et al., 2018, Nature Communications
flySAM attp2,on 3rd chromosome,or attp40,on 2nd chromosome works well in soma, can activate multiple genes in one vector Ni et al., 2018, PNAS

How to order

  1. Search or download the stock list from the website and find the lines you are interested in.
  2. Fill in the order form.
  3. Send the form to Yuhao Qiu (email: qiuyh18@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn) and Luping Liu(email: lpliu@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn) to make clear your purpose.
  4. If it’s the first time you order lines form THFC, there’s an additional step: sign and stamp official seal on the Material Transfer Agreement (*must be signed by the supervisor), then fax the scanned document to us. For orders of transgenic flies, you need to sign Materials Transfer Agreement, for orders of plasmid, please sign Materials Transfer Agreement.
  5. If you want to buy our Drosophila lines, please fill the Stock Order Form, rename this file and your e-mail as Name of buyer-Name of PI-Company-Date-By mail(or pick by yourself).
  6. You'd better choose the attp40 site integrated (2nd chromosome) Drosophila lines, for those Drosophila lines with integrate site at 3rd chromosome (attp 2) may show light red eyes. This will not affect integrated gene expression.
  • The order will be processed every Monday and sent at Thursday (all orders in Beijing should be picked up before, but due to the covid19, it is recommended that Beijing also choose to mail them) .
  • The fruit flies you ordered will be sent by EMS by default, and the freight will be borne by yourself. If you have other requirements, please note in the order form and email.
  • Due to weather conditions, if fruit flies ordered from July 1st to September 1st and December 15th to March 1st of the following year have problems growing due to temperature discomfort, we do not provide free re-mailing service. In addition, during this time, you need to indicate in the order mail or reply to my mail to confirm that you are aware of the risks in the mailing process.


The stock fee (not including shipping fee) and discount are similar to those of the Bloomington stock center. The number of stocks ordered is cumulative through the calendar year and need not be ordered all at once to obtain the discounted price. In addition, the order price of plasmids is $75 per plasmid. If you need drosophila injections and fruit fly customization, please consult the administrator to put forward your specific needs, and we will give a quotation after evaluation.

Stocks Ordered Cost per Stock (¥)
1-5 200(around 32 USD)
6-100 100(around 14 USD)
>100 40(around 6 USD)
e.g: if you order 150 lines
Then you should pay: 1000+9500+2000=12500
Acknowledge THFC
Please acknowledge the TsingHua Fly Center in your related publications and cite Ni et al., 2011, Nature Methods. (if you have been using traditional transgenic RNAi Drosophila), Jia et al., 2018, Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. (if you have been using flySAM2.0 transgenic activation Drosophila), or Qiao et al., 2018, Nature Communications. (if you have been using pNP transgenic RNAi Drosophila). It is also important to specify the TRiP# (Short Hairpin) number in your Materials and Methods section so that your research is reproducible.